Sandi Siegel (Channeling the goddess, lyrics, music, harmonium, acoustic guitar and vocals and piano)

Sandi Siegel has been practicing and studying yoga for 16 years recently entering the depths of Sanskrit studies.  As an ardent student of Rajanaka Yoga since 2003, she is devoted to studying yoga philosophy and mythology which enriches her offerings of kirtan, chant and yoga classes.  Playing music since childhood, she loves sharing the joy of community voice. As a former studio owner and Anusara Affiliated teacher she weaves threads of Bhakti yoga into other practices inviting participants to their individual experience of greatness supported and enlivened by connection to their communities through the gift of shared voice. Upon moving to Colorado, she discovered ecstatic dance which unlocked creativity in such a way, leading to the creation of  "Sandi Siegel's Shakti Shake".  This offering combines free form dance, yoga asana and kirtan!  

I began the journey of teaching and chanting the Hanuman Calisa many years ago on my first visit to the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in Taos, New New Mexico. Since then I chant it almost daily and offer courses and satsang-s in the study of this popular ode to the wonderful Hanuman! Jai Hanuman..

Mother of Max, Conner and Liv and married to the amazing David Siegel, she is thrilled to be surrounded by so much beauty and endless cycling possibilities and breath taking nature here in Colorado.

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