Hillary Makes HISTORY! An Ode to ALL Sisters through Time and Space

Tonight history will be made when Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman nominated to be President! I wish I could sit and watch this with my amazing mother who has stood against the status quo her whole life and paved the way for me and other women to get us to this momentous occasion. I've told the pant suit in the 4th grade.. I am just thrilled.
So I had this dream awhile back where the lyrics to my song "The Quest" came from and I think its apropro for tonight. In the dream I saw women of different centuries under a clear , shallow mountain lake in garb of their era. One in 19th century clothing rose out of the water, filling with light as she floated to me and with her eyes, beseeched me not to let centuries of women's pain and suffering be for nothing. Communicating with my eyes back I told her we would carry on their quest. She handed me a gold pocket watch to give to my daughter Liv and returned to the water where she and all of the other figures then disappeared.
Like many dreams this one haunted me until I wrote a song about it. They sometimes just won't leave me alone until I make it manifest in this world! In honor of all the sisters who came before my poem and song. On my upcoming CD"Roll the Dice"

The Quest
I see women in the water
Rise up and ask me "Dear daughter.."
Fill with light come to life
Float to me
Eyes speak asking to be set free.
Sisters rise up and ask
I am up to the task
And my daughter holds watch and keeps space
Sisters rise up and ask
All your suffering in the past
Be now laid to rest
I'll carry on your quest.
In woven dream world the torch is passed
Here all time and space flow
With such grace
Bowing to my ancestry means
You're free to rest in peace
Return now to
The eternal mystery
Mothers, daughters, sister for our brothers
Mothers, sisters daughters for our fathers
Mothers, daughters, lovers for our lovers
Mothers, daughters SISTERS FOR ONE ANOTHER
Rise up and ask
We are up to the task
And our daughters hold watch
And keep space
Sisters Rise up and ask
All your pain
In the past
Be now laid to rest
We'll carry on YOUR QUEST!
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